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Sangla is a town in the Baspa Valley, also referred to as the Sangla valley, in the Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh, India, close to the Tibetan border.

Places of Interest

Being located at center of the Baspa valley, Sangla is the locus of exploration and trekking trails.
Kamru Fort
Lake and Dam, Kupa


  • Badrinath Temple, Kamru
  • Bering Nag Temple, Sangla
  • Batseri
  • Chitkul Mathi Temple
  • Piri Nages Temple, Sapni

Trek Routes

  • Rupin Valley Trek
  • Sangla Kande Trek
  • Charang Chitkul Trek

Apart from these places, the tourists can walk to the Trout Farm, The Mall(Sangla), Riverside in Chitkul and village walks in Kupa, Kamru, Sangla and Batseri.

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