Located 450 kilometres f the state capital of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is one of India’s oldest cities and has a rich tradition associated with it. Along with the tourist attraction of the Meenakshi temple, which is located in Madurai, this city is also referred to as “Thoonga Nagaram,” which means “the city that never sleeps.”

Thanks to the rising IT culture, the city of Madurai is also home to working youngsters, who have contributed to the rise of a vibrant nightlife in the city. Although the nightlife in Madurai is not as vibrant and colourful as in major cities like Bangalore or Mumbai, Madurai does have a fun-filled nightlife, which combines well with the friendly nature of the people residing in Madurai.This article describes the places to visit in Madurai at night if you happen to visit the city.

Affordable Bars and Pubs in Madurai

Madurai city has several bars and pubs, which serve a variety of beers, cocktails, mock tails, and hard liquor beverages. Most of these late-night bars and pubs operate till 12 midnight, with some of them offering music bands along with the liquor.

Here is a list of popular bars and pubs to visit during late evenings, making it one of the popular things to do in Madurai at night.

1.Ecstasy in Goripalayam

Located in the Goripalayam area of Madurai, Ecstasy bar serves a range of cocktails, mock tails, and wines to its customers. Located opposite the American College, Ecstasy is one of the best places to visit in Madurai at night.

2. Harveys Lounge Bar in TPK road

Ideal for relaxing after a hard day at work, Harveys Lounge Bar in the Gateway hotel is one of the best places to visit in Madurai at night. You can lounge around with your favourite beverage, play a game of snooker, or catch up on your reading.

3. Discotheques and nightclubs in Madurai

The city of Madurai has popular discotheques and night clubs, which are frequented by young couples and friends. Along with the beat of Indian and international music numbers, night lovers can help themselves to their choice of alcoholic beverages.A night visit to the popular pick among discotheques and night clubs is popular among the things to do in Madurai at night.

4. Aphrodisiac Night Club

To groove to the latest Indian or international dance numbers with the funky DJ mix, the Aphrodisiac night club is among the best places to visit in Madurai at night.

5. Coffee shops in Madurai

Madurai is dotted with many coffee shops or cafes, where you can get a taste of the famous “Madurai kappee.” While traditional “kappee” is very affordable and available at most coffee outlets, you can also opt for a variety of western coffee preparation that are available in the numerous cafes in the city.Popular coffees shops that operate till late in the night include the Royal coffee bar on the Tamil Sangam road and the Kalapilla tea stall on Munichalai road. A visit to tasting the fresh and refreshing “Madurai kaapi” is among the top things to do in Madurai at night.

Other things to do in Madurai at night

Besides spending your time in discos and pubs at night, the city of Madurai offers a variety of nightlife activities.

Here is a list of other things to do in Madurai at night.

6. Cultural music programs in the Tamil Isai Sangam

If you are interested in Tamil classical music, the Tamil Isai Sangam hosts a variety of cultural programs, including music festivals practically every month. Tourists can enjoy local music and dance programs, which are usually held in the evenings. Cultural programs and plays are also organised in the Lakshmi Sundaram Hall.

7. Evening shopping

One of the things to do in Madurai at night is to visit the shopping markets and complexes located in the Chithirai and Massi streets. The streets are full of locally-made textiles and handlooms, which are famous in Madurai. Open till late in the evening, these quality textiles are in demand all around India.

8. Movie theatres

Watching late night movies is among the favourite things to do in Madurai at night for the locals. Along with Tamil movies, movie theatres in Madurai plays the latest Hindi and English movies. Popular movie theatres in Madurai include the Tamil Jaya cinemas, Ambiga cinemas, Vetri cinemas, and the INOX cinemas.

9. Street food stalls

For food lovers, roadside food stalls are one of the places to visit in Madurai at night. Along with the popular South Indian dishes such dosas and idlis, these lively street food stalls (some of which are practically open 24 hours) serve local Madurai dishes such as Pongal and the Kotthu Parotta, and refreshing drinks including the Paruthi Paal (made using cotton seeds) and the Jigarthanda (made of cold milk and almonds).Due to a vibrant business culture, Madurai practically stays awake through the night. Madurai has a well-organised and tourist-friendly police force, whom you can approach at any time. Being a conservatively minded city, it is best to dress modestly (especially women) and avoid secluded areas.We would like to hear how the nightlife in Madurai compares with some of the other Indian cities that you have visited. Do share your views and experiences with us.