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Jalore District is a district of Rajasthan state in western India. The city of Jalore is the administrative headquarters of the district. The district has an area of 10,640 km², and a population of 1,828,730, with a population density of 136 persons per square kilometre.


Indian Wild Ass, a rare member of Indian Wildlife seems to be increasing in numbers and extending its range from Little Rann of Kutch in the neighboring Indian State of Gujarat, where the world’s last population of this subspecies had got confined to in recent years, and has gradually started moving out and colonizing Greater Rann of Kutch also extending into the neighboring State of Rajasthan in the bordering villages in Jalore district bordering the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and in Khejariali and its neighbourhood where a 60 km2 area was transferred to the Rajasthan Forest Department by the revenue authorities in 2007. At this place Rebaris (camel and sheep breeders) live in the Prosopis juliflora jungles in the company of chinkaras, hyenas, common fox, desert cat and wolf etc.
Flora: The hillocks and ridges in the area under discussion are characterised by khair (Acacia Katechu); thar (Euphabia Nerrifolia) and babuls. The plains are vegetated by awal (Casia auriculate) akra, kiker (Acacia arabica). The oilseeds specially mustard oil seed is predominant crop. Wheat, bajra, kharif pulses, barley, jowar and in very huge quantity of fleawort. However due to the scanty presence of water most of the cultivated land remains barren. Also presence of aeolian sand makes it tough for agricultural growth due its high permeability. Extensive growth of cactuses of various types is found in this area.