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The Punarnava Resort is nestled in the scintillating sublime region of Uttarakhand Himalayas in Northern India and exhibits harmonic coexistence with nature. Renowned as ‘Devbhumi’, Uttarakhand (A land of the Gods), this region is blessed with natural beauty, divinity, and spiritual vibrations.

We welcome you at this unique luxurious wellness destination aesthetically parked in the dense forest of Mussoorie with a spectacular & stunning George Everest Mountain View. Imbibe the holistic Lifestyle experience in this awe-inspiring existential nature of mystical divinity. Rejoice in the transformation of inner rejuvenation and inner awakening. 
At Punarnava all the human regression, emotions, tensions & stress are transformed into positivity & wellbeing with the help of
our specialized Counseling Healers and Wellness Masters.

“To connect everyone, to the journey of wellness & absolute blissful holidays at Punarnava Resort in the Himalayas, naturally and holistically.”

Designed By Addtogoogle | Geshna Prakriti Yatra Private Limited

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