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Bandipur 874 square kilometres of green just 3 hours from Mysore, Bandipur is one of India’s best kept secrets, and amongst the few Project Tiger reserves that has seen an actual increase in the population of these endangered cats. But put those stripes away for a second, and be very, very quiet, as you zoom in to a pack of wild dogs feasting on their prey, only to focus on elephants drinking from the nearby watering hole. The park is home to leopards, four-horned antelopes, crested serpent eagles, as well as towering, fragrant Sandalwood trees. Come, feast on the sight of nature in all her myriad colours and forms, learn the old jungle lore and find your place in this delicate balance, in this untamed heart of the country. The Windflower Jungle Resort & Spa Bandipur is a jungle retreat, located very close to the Bandipur Forest Reserve. In order to preserve the sanctity of the jungle environment and to maintain the delicate balance of the forest eco system, they do not have televisions in the rooms and we cannot guarantee mobile phone or internet connectivity at the resort. We request our guests to respect the jungle environment.

The Windflower Jungle Resort & Spa Bandipur Welcome to a land that’s off the grid and a true jungle experience. Delight yourself with the magical sounds of birds and bees and an experience close to Mother Nature, with it being our teacher in the ways of jungle life. The resort has a unique “advantage” of being disconnected from the new world technology and takes pride in its experience without television or other communication networks. The resort, complementing its jungle experience features comfort and luxury taking its ways from the jungle. It boasts of offering various activities like a jungle safari, an outdoor pool, many indoor and outdoor games and a delightful open air earthily designed jungle restaurant. The resort also has our signature Emerge – The Wellness Spa for those who want to pamper oneself.

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