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Women’s Trip To Ladakh

Are you planning to go on a vacation but don’t know where to go and with whom. We suggest you travel to Ladakh this summer with your girl friends. Here are some reasons why you should take a girls only trip to Ladakh and we’re sure by the time you reach the last point you’ll already be making preparations to leave.

1. Safest Place in India

Known as one of the safest places in India, it is one destination women can travel to without being worried about their safety. Men in Ladakh consider women to be at par with men and respect them thoroughly.

 2. Do Some Spiritual Shopping

Which woman doesn’t love shopping? Stop at any of the local markets in Ladakh to pick up a few souvenirs related to Buddhism for your dear ones. Even a small gift from the land of the Buddha can light up the heart of any person.

3. Escape the urban hustle-bustle

A nagging husband or a screechy mother-in-law. A snobbish boss or just plain monotony, leave everything behind as you experience solace like never before in this land undisturbed by phone or internet connectivity

4. Be blessed by a Lama

Blessings are the source of a happy life and everyone needs blessings. So, why not take the blessing of a Lama at Ladakh. Ask the Lama to not  bless just you but also carry along blessings for your loved ones.

5. Watch the sun go down at Pangong Tso Lake

In the rut of the daily life, women hardly get time to enjoy the small things of life like the rising or setting sun, the river going on its course and much more but in Ladakh, you can make the most of these small yet totally cheery things

6. Feel free like a bird

Do you feel caged by the monotony of your routine? Girls, it’s time to spread your wings and fly high. Travel to Ladakh, the land of absolute scenic beauty and solitude, and soar freely.

 7.Turn adventurous with rafting in the rivers of Ladakh

Did anybody ever tell you that adventure sports weren’t a girl’s thing? Well, show them they are wrong. Come raft in the rivers of Ladakh with other women and have a once in a lifetime experience.

 8. Women put their heart and soul in everything they do, so it’s time for some soul-searching

 9. Ladakh is picturesquely beautiful as all women

Ladakh with snow capped rugged mountains, stark landscape and water more blue than the sky is absolutely breathtaking, just like the beauty of a woman.

10. Women are inquisitive so why not delve into the history of Ladakh

The history of Ladakh is absolutely intriguing. Its earliest population consisted of a mixed Indo-Aryan population of Mons and Dards.  Buddhism spread into western Ladakh from Kashmir in the 2nd century when much of eastern Ladakh and western Tibet was still practicing the Bon religion.

11. Get your hands on some Ladakhi Cuisine

When in Ladakh, make sure you learn recipes of some Ladakhi dishes from the locals there, so may be on your next house party you can treat your friends to Ladakh’s exotic cuisine

12. Seek your path to deliverance with Buddhism

Bhuddhism is a religion that practices the middle path and deliverance or freedom. Be it India or abroad women have always been subjected to male chauvinism. So, come explore Bhuddhism and find your path to freedom and salvation.

13. Like a mirror, the lakes of Ladakh too are a woman’s best friend

The crystal clear lakes in Ladakh give women the opportunity to not only see their own reflection in the lakes but also to reflect on their lives.

14. Dip your feet in water

Soak your feet in the water bodies of Ladakh and let the cold water tickle your feet. Let the water not just take your tiredness away but also sooth your heart and mind.

15. Try fitting into the famous outfit- The Goncha

You must try on this beautiful robe made of thick woollen cloth with a colourful cummerbund tied at the waist, and of course click some pictures in it.

16. Dance with the monks

Come shake a leg with the monks. This will be an experience you probably will never have in life again.

17. Wear a head gear- The Drokpa

These people are known to be descendants of Alexander the Great from Macedonia. Don’t leave Ladakh without trying on the famous head gear called ‘Drokpa’ made of fruits, flowers and exciting ornaments.

18.Do some good in the land of monks

Do you believe in doing good. If yes, then there are many volunteer organisations in Ladakh where your services can be used. Enroll yourself at a volunteering organisation and experience the joy of serving others.

So, are you already on the phone planning and talking to your girl friends about travelling to Ladakh?

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